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Frequently Asked Questions

Are ProTees really made in the USA?
YES. These product are 100% manufactured in the USA supporting US workers and factories. Even the materials used to form and coat the tees are from 99%+ US derived sources.

Can I customize my ProTees?
YES. For orders of 200 tees or more we offer both durable laser marked and ink printed options. For very large orders we offer significant branding options such as de-bossing and embossing.

Are ProTees lawn mower safe?
YES. Tests with lawn mowing equipment showed that our tees "snap" similarly to wooden tees. Our tees will not harm lawn mowing equipment any more than a traditional wooden tee.

Are ProTees more durable than wooden tees?
All of our tee options possess higher flexibility and thus higher durability than traditional wooden tees.   As with wooden tees the higher the clubhead speed of the golfer the more quickly the tee will break.   Like all other plastic and wooden tees they are no match for a lawn mower...the mower wins every time!  

Are ProTees made of metal?

NO. They only look metallic. The metal is a nano-coating of safe aluminum, the same material used as a barrier protection for a bag of chips. The tees are made of 99.9999% plastic/resin based materials.

What are the performance and benefit claims you make for ProTees?
The slippery metallic coating will not mark your golf clubs like traditional painted wood tees. The outer coating of the tees has a coefficient of friction nearly the same as Teflon, and thus should be comparable to tees coated with this material.

We guarantee that your golf friends will be impressed!

Do your gold and silver ProTees contain real precious metals?
NO.  There is only a nano-thin layer of light metal vapor deposited to give a brilliant finish to the tees.   We do however offer true gold and silver plated tees to our most highly discriminating commercial customers.

What makes ProT golf tees the ultimate in eco-friendly?
ProTees are made with 98+% recycled material.  Biodegradable materials currently available are based on pre-consumer stock from organically grown materials versus petroleum based materials consume a much higher amount of fossil fuel energy to produce as compared with recycled materials.  ProTees are also fully recycleable as opposed to most other biodegradable tees.  Even the very thin brilliant metallic coatings are biodegradeable!

Is the metallic coating harmful?
NO.  The metal used to create the brilliance is not only lead and heavy metal free and ROHS compliant, but derived from the most abundant metal on the planet. The metal is so thin (less than 3 micro-inches) that it rapidly degrades into harmless aluminum oxide once exposed to atmosphere. The protective coating is based on pine tar materials and is applied with low-VOC EPA compliance processes. The plastics and coating materials are the same used by toy manufacturers.


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